Carpet 101: Understanding the Benefits of Carpet for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Carpet has been around for centuries, with discoveries of the material type dating back to the 5th century B.C. In the United States, early carpeting was woven wool. Over the year, carpeting has developed as technology has changed. Carpeting can be created from natural materials as well as synthetics, providing a comfortable option for flooring in the home or within a business. Today, carpeting is a durable material that is affordable to install and last for many years when cared for the right way.

Comfortable and Durable

Whether you install carpeting in the home or within a business, you have a material that is comfortable and durable. For commercial use, carpeting can be installed with a tighter and lower pile to hold up against heavy traffic. In busy corporations, the traffic flow will dictate the type of carpeting that should be installed in the space.

For residential installation, carpeting can be plusher and be installed in more fiber types. You can choose a thicker material that will feel good to the feet when walking around the home. Carpeting can also keep the home warmer as it provides a level of installation. In the winter months, when temperatures drop outside, you will use your heating system to stay warm. The carpeting in your home will also help to hold in heat, providing an added level of warmth to your home.

Additional Benefits

With a carpet installation, there are so many benefits that the material can provide your home or office. First, you have the appearance of the space. Carpeting can add to the décor by providing color, pattern and pile height. You can choose from thousands of designs, which can help you to match existing décor or create a completely new design in your space.

Acoustics is another benefit to the flooring type. When you have carpeting in the home, the installation process includes padding along with the actual flooring. The carpet provides an acoustic quality, able to absorb sound in the space. The padding and material work together to provide better soundproofing in the home.

Safety is an issue in the workplace and carpeting can promote a quality environment. Carpeting provides a slip-resistant space. As employees walk around, they have a lesser risk of falling and hurting themselves. With traditional hard surface flooring, slips and falls can occur when the flooring becomes wet or stained. With carpeting, businesses do not have to worry about accidents such as these.

Carpeting is also an affordable flooring type. Easily find a carpeting type that meets your budget needs, even if you are working with a restricted amount. The flooring is affordable to purchase as well as clean and maintain.

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